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February 2014

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Highlighting the Shopping Cart Pusher

Your customers may take shopping carts for granted, simply leaving them where they stand when they're finished. However, it's a problem for your business if the carts aren't available when shoppers ne... read more..


Preventing Workman's Compensation Claims

Workman’s compensation claims are a fact of business life, especially when the work involved is primarily physical. Unfortunately, they take a serious toll on your company’s operations. First and fore... read more..


About Our Blog

Welcome to the DJ Products, Inc. blog! We specialize in ergonomic material handling products geared to take the pain and strain out of moving heavy carts, equipment and materials. We pride ourselves i... read more..


When Do You Need To Replace Your Forklift With A Tugger?

Forklifts have been a mainstay of warehouses and manufacturing facilities for decades. Lately, though, you may have found yourself wondering if it’s time to update with equipment tugs. You’ve heard ab... read more..


MHEDA Convention For 2014 What To Expect?

What qualities does it take to provide SUPERHERO LEADERSHIP in today’s material handling industry? Get the answers to this question and many more at the 2014 MHEDA Convention being held at Loews ... read more..

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